Come on in [come • on • in] v. /kʌm ɑn ɪn/: a heartfelt request to enter one's house (or one of our fun and friendly stores)

With stores in both Juneau and Skagway you're never far from the perfect gift or souvenir at the perfect price - and smiles are always free :)


489 South Franklin St.

Alaska Shirt Company was created in 1995 by 6 friends with 3 things in mind:

We don't want to miss your we put ourselves right across the street from the Cruise and Tram Terminals. You’ll be glad you stopped in...every souvenir you can imagine is here.

Walk in with a list and walk out with a smile - and a signature big, red Alaska Shirt Company bag! You'll still have plenty of time to enjoy all that natural beauty you came for.

We understand - we love it here too!

Alaska Shirt Co.

Skagway, 1st & Broadway

In case we missed you in Juneau, our door’s always open at 1st and Broadway in Skagway. From t-shirts to smoked salmon we’ve got what you’re looking for - and some things you maybe didn’t know existed... ulu anyone? (ulu - noun: a crescent-shaped knife chiefly used by Inuit women).

Alaska Shirt Company helps you get all your shopping done so you can get back to strolling Skagway’s charming boardwalks - asap!

We understand - we love it here too!

We’ve shopped with your shopping in mind.

Buying an indulgent gift for your Nana? Got it! What about a thoughtful keepsake for your dog-walker? We’ve got you covered! That’s what friends are for. :)