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welcome here [wel•come here] adj. /ˈwɛlkəm hɪr/: a warm expression esp. to a person whose arrival (in Alaska) is desired or pleasing

Glaciers and mountains and wildlife - oh my!
Welcome to Alaska! That sweet air... the thrill of whale watching... the majesty of open ocean... wouldn’t you love to take it home with you?

At Alaska Shirt Company, we want to help you do just that. While we can’t bottle the air or gift wrap a glacier, we sure have lots of fun ways to keep your Alaskan memories alive when you return to your real world. You see, all this Alaskan beauty is our real world... we live here, so we know how awesome it is. We are six friends who created Alaska Shirt Company to keep “Alaskinspired” smiles on the millions of faces who visit us every year and leave wanting more.

T-shirts and ulus and key-rings - oh my!
We’re Alaska Shirt Company - we love it here too!

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