host [host] n. /hoʊst/: the people who receive and/or entertain you as their guests - aka Alaska Shirt Company

Alaska Shirt Company was created in 1995 by 6 friends with 3 things in mind:

Fast forward over 20 years and those good people who started Alaska Shirt Company are more than owners of the go-to gift shop for cruising tourists. They’re neighbors, friends, business colleagues, families and providers. They're also a vital member of their local community. Whether it's wild life, youth organizations or education, Alaska Shirt Company is there to support community initiatives. And because they genuinely love the community and wilderness they call home, they also make great hosts to visitors.

Because they love to share their uniquely beautiful surroundings, every summer they intentionally hire and welcome out-of-State students who want to experience a season of life-in-Alaska while working. Year after year the student employees end their season saying, “to experience Alaska, is to love Alaska.”

Alaska Shirt Company understands - they love it here too!